Inspired by Japanese popular culture, Hiro Ando revisits the traditions of his homeland by offering sculptures, bright colors, shiny and smooth materials, thus forming part of the neo-pop art Japanese. Hiro Ando (1973) is a Japanese artist who lives and works between Tokyo and Shanghai. A graduate of the Tokyo University of Art, his artistic career began in 1995 when he became interested in the urban universe and its influence on his work. The streets proved to be an endless source of inspiration for his works, which also included the “red fish”, which refers to the art of Japanese watercolors. His work, contemporary, takes on a traditional feeling. A multidisciplinary artist, Hiro Ando is also interested in sculpture, which follows this marriage of the old and the contemporary. Thus, inspired by the “maneki-neko” (“lucky cat”), symbol of Japanese popular culture, Hiro Ando creates sculptures in the image of this symbol in different forms, that of a samurai or a sumo . Their look close to the Japanese Manga, recalling the attachment of the artist for this art, allows a light and welcoming line. Recognized for his solo exhibitions in 2017 at the Jacob Paulett Gallery, his works are also part of the permanent collections of the Salsali Private Museum of Dubai and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.