Of Dominican origin, John Perello, aka JonOne, was born in the neighborhood of Harlem, New York in 1963. He started in the world of graffiti at age 17 thanks to his childhood friend White Man, tagging his name Jon followed by 156 (his street) on the walls and trains of his neighborhood, then those of all New York. According to him, “The metro is a museum that crosses the city. ” He created the collective of graffiti writers 156 All Starz in 1984, in order to gather their passion, to paint trains at night and to forget their problems, in particular of drugs. He meets Bando, who lives in New York at this time, and meets Rockin ‘Squat at the Danceteria, a famous nightclub of that time. Following an invitation from the latter, he saves money and comes to Paris in 1987. He will start graffiti with him, Boxer and the BBC Crew. He began his activity as a painter on canvas in a workshop at the Hospital ephemeral with A-One, Sharp, Ash (Victor Ash), JayOne and Skki, without abandoning the graffiti. Very quickly, he made a name for himself in Parisian artistic circles thanks to his works on canvas in the exhibitions; he was exhibited in 1990 at the Gallery Gleditsch 45 in Berlin and participated in 1991 at the exhibition Paris Graffiti, rue Chapon in Paris. Since then, he has been exhibiting all over the world: Tokyo, Monaco, Paris, Geneva, New York, Hong Kong and Brussels.

Artist Works