Renowned artist Karl Lagasse gained much attention in 2009 with his One Dollar sculptures. Artprice ranked him among the top ten sculptors in the world under 30 the same year. In 2012, the New York publication Farameh named him among the fifty best contemporary artists who drew their inspiration from traditional American icons in his FOR WHICH IT STANDS: Americana in Contemporary Art. More recently, at the Art Paris Art Fair 2016, the President of the French Republic personally congratulated Karl for the success of his 2 meter One-Dollar  in bronze, which was exposed at the Grand Palais.

Karl began his artistic journey with collages at the age of seven. That year, his meeting with the French sculptor César Baldaccini pushed him to continue along this path. Later, he started to go into the Paris metro, as tag and graffiti had become his favorite artistic expression. Nevertheless, collages remained his true passion. It is the artist Yvaral Vasarely who suggested to him to integrate his tags to his collages. In 2003, Karl was preparing his first exhibition in Paris. His first personal exhibition presenting his Buildings was held in 2006 at the Isy Brachot Gallery in Brussels. Two years later, Karl was back in Paris at Espace Pierre Cardin for his first solo exhibition of paintings and sculptures featuring video and photographic elements.

In 2017, the American Film Festival Deauville decided to call on Karl Lagasse to realize the trophy for the competition. It is from his monumental work “Cryptogram One” that the artist was inspired to make the trophies of the 43rd edition of the Festival to be awarded to the winners. Made of polished cast aluminum, this work of art suggests some messages on its four sides “Hope”, “7th Art”, “Deauville”. In all, 13 trophies will be awarded during the Festival, between the Tributes and the Jury Awards.

Recently, during the 45th edition of the Deauville Festival, renown actor Johnny Depp received a trophy, again made by by Karl Lagasse.