César portrait 01

César Baldaccini, known as César (1921-1998), is a central figure of Post-War artistic creation. His decisive gestures made him one of the tutelary artists of the "Nouveau Réalisme" movement at the turn of the 1960s. He had many exhibitions around the world, until his participation in the French Pavilion of the 46th Biennale of Venice, shortly before his death. Recognized by the critics as one of the masters of his time, he showed creativity and rupture until his last works. He never ceased to confront his work with classicism and modernity, playing with the contrast between an assumed mastery of the sculptor's craft and deeply innovative gestures.
Brilliant from the age of twenty-five, César was undoubtedly one of the most recognized French artists of his time: everyone has in mind many of his works that have become icons of 20th century sculpture.

César left a work of exceptional creative power and complexity: he was the man of the renowned "Fers", "Compressions", "Expansions" or "Empreintes humaines".


Artworks of César